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Qualification Certificate for Work on the Flat (Certificate A)

Persons suitable to sign the certificate:

  • BD Dressage judge List 3 or above

  • BHSI or above
  • Dressage rider who has ridden at CDI level

Notes for the Judge *

The horse you are being asked to examine has already been carefully selected to go into the relevant Stud Book; the next stage is Performance Testing. This Certificate, which you are invited to complete if satisfied that the horse has attained the required standards, will together with others covering showjumping and cross country qualify the horse for the Performance Test final day or days.


You should expect a reasonable standard of work on the flat, approximating to the attainment of 60% of marks in a Novice test. Please remember that it is the horse we are interested in. The process is a little like judging an imported horse for points, or judging a potential dressage horse class. We are particularly interested in the freedom of movement, obedience and state of outline bearing in mind the age of the horse. If you have any problems please discuss them freely with the owner, who will genuinely wish to receive your comments on the state of development of their horse. Do not feel obliged to sign this certificate on your first viewing of the horse. If you believe that the horse would benefit from further training and/or work please tell the owner so. Signing off an insufficiently prepared horse may lead to serious problems at the Final Day(s).

Certificate A

Name of Horse



Name and Address of Owner



Name and Address of Judge



Judge's Qualifications



Declaration: I have examined the above horse according to the guidance given, and certify that it has shown the required standard of performance on the flat.




 * Judge: If you are in any doubt as to how to approach this task please contact the Performance Test Director on 01869 277562 for further discussion. 

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